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Hi Erin,

Do you mean a bulls eye rash or more of skin rash, red itchy bumps? I never got the bulls eye rash but I have the other itchy, all over, rash. I've had it for years. It comes and goes in stages. It is very itchy, and I haven't found one single cream, lotion, anti-itch, prescriptions, etc., that helps it. Sometimes it looks like hives and sometimes it will be a hot, red spot on my skin which turns into little itchy bumps the minute I touch or scratch it. The next day, or even hours later, you won't even be able to tell they were there?!

How long have you had the rash?

I dont know if I have Lyme yet. (my WB IgG said 23 and 41kda)

My doctor's are being putz's and saying that I have MS. I need to find a LLMD somewhere and see if I can a WB done by Igenex. The one I had last week was processed in Utah somewhere.

I've had 3 or 4 tick bites over about 20 or 30something years. The first one when I was a little girl. In 99/2000 I had 3 ticks on me. (one of them I'm not sure if it bit me) But, I had a weird, itchy, all over rash in early 2000.

The more I learn about Lyme, the more things are making sense to me. I've been having weird itchy rashes for several years (along with a bunch of weird neurological symptoms) I'd been thinking I was having a lot of food and seasonal allergies.

Tonight I read somewhere that someone had a Lyme rash that comes and goes. So, now I'm wonder if that's the deal with me. I'm just having a hard time getting any of the medical people I've been seeing for my problems to even believe me about the possibility of Lyme. I've even gotten yelled at by a nurse at one of my doctor's office, basically telling me I was a nut.

I'm still betting that I'll be fighting doctors for the next few months trying to figure this out.

Tomorrow I'm going to try to find a doctor to do a blood draw on me for an Igenex Western Blot. I think I need some ammo to show the doctors.

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