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Picc Line Question?
Jun 18, 2007
I am considering getting a PICC line and was hoping those of you with a line could answer some of my questions. I have went and seen Dr.Weisbren in Millwaukee Wisc. After explaining to him my symptoms and everything I have been through he said that he is 100% sure it's Lymes. Although all the test I have had done including the Igenix lab they came up negative for Lymes. I know that you can have lymes without a positive diognoses but it would be nice to have something on paper before doing this Picc line. Dr Weisbren did put me on a series of Antibiotics but I had to discontinue them because of the side affects and how they were interfering with my job. This is a difficult decision for me because although I have most of the symptoms associated with Lyme and have had them for over 4 years, I am tired of dealing with the symptoms and at this time I would like to try something! How similar are the side effects between the IV antibiotics and the oral antibiotics? Do any of you have a PICC line that were diagnosed based on symptoms and not on positive tests? Are you feeling better? Did your insurance cover the cost? If not, how much $ do you have to pay? Thanks for taking the time to read I am very sick and I hope I can shed some light on this.

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