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I've been sick for half a year. My feeling ill, for the most part, started on January 1, 2007.
The symptoms I've experienced:
Joint pain and stiffness in fingers, elbows, knees.
Muscle pain and cramps in arms and legs - the cramps are terrible, and starts up (in my arms) if I'm doing something as small as carrying a heavy bag of groceries.
Some muscle twitching in the face or other body parts
Having trouble remembering (which is not like me at all). The other day my mother-in-law called and later in the day I went to tell my husband why she had called and could not remember why she had called.
Have seemed to been having what may be panic attacks
Mood swings
Headaches (all the time! Usually every day)
Some light and sound sensitivity
My vision, in the beginning of becoming sick, was blurry, but has gotten better.
Ear pain, buzzing, roaring, ringing in ears.
Some vertigo, spinning
Off balance -- my doctor had me have an MRI of my brain because I was more off balance on my right side than my left and he thought this significant especially since I'm right handed. The MRI came back fine.
Lightheadness almost all the time; wooziness, dizziness
Stiffness and neck pain; jaw pain and stiffness -- it cracks upon waking some mornings.
Fatigue, tired, poor stamina (don't want to do anything but lay around)
Napping during the day
Breast pain
Loss of libido
heartburn/stomach pain
queesy stomach and nausea
some diarrhea, but mostly constipation once in a while.
Heart palpitations or skips (I've had many heart tests done, and was just recently seen by a cardiologist who told me my heart was healthy even though I have heart palpitations and my heart is continually racing; it's most of the time in the 90 - 100's. I was put on Toprol-XL to quell the palps and slow my heart rate. Which has helped, but I still have a few palps once in a while.)
air hunger, shortness of breath
Night sweats (i've had this problem for a LONG time)
These symptoms are on and off. Last week I was feeling GOOD. Yesterday I was feeling extremely terrible. Today, so far, I've felt good. My symptoms come and go, sometimes for weeks or days. I wake up never knowing if I'm going to feel good or bad.
When these symptoms first started, I had very dry eyes, pain in eyes. Recently, I've woken up with left eye half shut, messed up, and have to work to open it, but after that it seems fine.
Pressure in the head (especially when I bend over, lay down), almost the pressure you feel when you have a sinus infection, though I know I don't have one.

Those are most of the symptoms I've had or do have.

I do not have a Lyme Literate Doctor, though he is an environmental enlightened medicine doctor.

The breakdown you posted is just as confusing to me as my results, so I can't really understand if it means that yes I probably have lyme or no, I probably don't.

I will look for that book you recommended, thanks.

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