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Re: Bulls Eye Rash
Jan 11, 2008

When I read your post I thought how much it sounded like me. I live in Maryland now. Was living here and in March decided to move near Okeechobee to be near family. Do not know if it was from the stress or what but apparently my lyme had not been treated properly before and within 6 weeks I lost around 25 pounds. Started being tired all the time and had constant head shakes that made me look like I had parkinsons.

A couple of years before I had a small rash on my arm and thought it wsa from a spider bite. never was tested until 2 years later when I woke up with numbness in my face. After numerous MRI and Cat scans they finally did blood test and I was shocked to see I had lyme. I went throught the normal 4 weeks of doxy and was told that was it. Then about 6 months later we made our move and my life started falling apart.

I moved back to MD between my health issues and my daughters (she is diabetic and has rheumatory arthritis and the humidity made her worse). I see a specialist here & have been on oral abx since June from him. At the end of this month I am suppose to go on IV.

Definately check things out. They only get much worse and harder. My husband tested negative with the western blot and then we paid to have the igenex test and one band came back psotive and one inconclusive so we are not sure yet what is going on.

Good luck and I know how hard it is down there to find good doctors, especially with lyme. The one doctor I seen there literally laughed at me and told me once I was treated I never needed to be again. He did not want to do the test either but was shocked to see more bands were positive than before.


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