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Hi Everybody I had forgot to ask in my last post. Has anybody had a sore throat that has lasted like 3 or more months like me. It's more of like a pain in the neck area kind of were the lymph node is. It's more profound when swallowing. I'v been to my doctor twicw with this and he just seems to be blowing it off likes it's nothing. He's checked my lymph nodes but he say's there not swelled. Ever since this has started i feel sick to my stomach at least 3 or more times a day, almost to the point of being sick. Does this sound like a lymes problem. My doctor just keeps blowing me off that's why I had to go to Millwaukee Wisc and pay out of pocket to see a lymes doctor. After only 20 minutes of talking to him he's says it's lymes. But then after him telling me that I told him alot of my symptoms startred after I had Hep shots. He is a strong beliver that getting hep shot's can cause alot of MS, lupus,als and other autoimmune problems that look and act just like lymes does.

So needless to say I still don't know If I have lymes. But my nuero still won't give me a MS dignoses neither. But as I stated in my last post the doc from wisc said that he would be willing to get me started on a picc line for chronic lymes. So I'm alittle up in arms on what to do because long term antibiotics can cause the body of bad things. Because if I have lymes it will have been for at least 4 years and I'm worried the antibiotics wont help.

My biggest complaint right now is double vision, light sentivness, bad memory.sick to my stomach,tired all the time,weak feeling,and these chills that I get once in awhile are outragiously scary.

I'm just wondering if I had long term lymes would i be alot worse off like some people I have heard about on here. I still can work and all that physically it's just this neuro stuff I can't stand anymore along with a list of things that would take me all night to write.

Well I just had to vent for a while this disease is killing me and I know it's lymes I just can't get my regular doc convinced and untill I do I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for the picc line. I can't inmagine it's going to be to cheap.

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