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Meds for Bartonella
Jun 23, 2007
Does anyone know what other meds are used to treat bartonella. The lyme doctor put me on rifampin, zithromax on weekends and kept me on the doxy I had been on for weeks. He said that he thought I had more bartonella than lyme because I basically had all the symptoms that there were for it. However, my CD-57 came back at 32.

After being on the rifampin I got weird pain in my left side of my neck and could feel my pulse racing without touching it. Once the pain stopped my neck was still sore to touch for the day. Next day same thing happened and this time I noticed that my heart was also racing. Dr. Singleton suggested that I stop taking it and see what happens. He said that if it kept on I would have to go to the ER and have it checked since I am so far away from him. He said give it until Monday. Well I did not take my Thursday night dose or last night and have felt nothing in that area.

Now I am worried about this. If this is a side effect will he be putting me on something else. What else is there to take for bartonella? I just want to get better. I was very stressed last night and my head did a lot of shaking throughout the night and even some this morning.

I also took my zithromax this morning and got the shooting stomach pains again that I complained about last week so it is definately a side effect but I will definately tolerate that one.
I am calling the dr in the morning to see what else he is going to try. I feel so much worse the past couple of days. Lots of head shaking, internal shaking is at its worst. Feeling depressed and just sick. Got the stomach pains again now from the zithromax but I do know that will go away in a few hours so am ok with that.

I just did not know how many meds there were because the doctor said he wanted to try those first and then would decide if I would need IV but since I have an allergy to pencillen I would need to be tested by allergist first.

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