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Hi confetti.

Ticker said just about all there is to say. :)

I can add my personal experiences with Herx's. I have Lyme and I have tried many different antibiotics.

The one antibiotic that made me Herx was a drug called Levaquin. I know that I was Herx'ing because every 4 weeks (give or take a few days), I would get a flare up of my symtoms and some new ones appeared.

For example:
- My original Lyme rash that had been gone for over a year came back
- A new rash (looked like a bullseye that I had never seen before) appeared on my other leg
- My fevers went higher
- It felt like my fever was breaking as I would suddenly start sweating, but no, it was still there
- My skin got red and splotchy
- I had weird spots and rashes all over my arms and legs
- My sleep patterns got even more messed up than usual
- I would get headaches that would hurt a rhino!
- I would get aches & pains worse than normal so that I walked with a shuffle since my feet and legs hurt so much
- Even more fatigue than normal - 14 hours of sleep and I was still tired.
- Trouble concentrating, trouble speaking
- I also had nausea and even vomitting (nothing I hate more than puking! yuck!)

:) It stinks!

Once I had been on the Levaquin for 3 months, this Herx'ing pattern would happen about every 4 weeks.

As Ticker said before, when antibiotics kills bacteria, it can be during their preproduction or the antibiotic can attck markers on the cell memtrane.

Either way, when bacteria die, their membranes split open and the contents of their cell, spill out into the surrounding tissue.

So, not fun, but when you have a major die-off (like during a Herx) you feel worse becuase the bacteria are dying and your poor body is being flooded with toxins.

I had always thought that after I got through a Herx, that would a tiny bit feel better, since the Herx I had just suffered through killed a lot of bacteria.

During a Herx, if a whole lot of bacteia had been killed, then afterwards, I should feel better, right?

Well, it didn't happen right away, but I can tell you that after 6 months of Herx'ing, I finally felt better!! Yeee Hoooo! I felt better.

I can't pinpoint the day, or the month. All I know is that it worked.

So perhaps you may be killing a lot of bacteria during your periods of bad times or crises. Maybe you're progressing so slowly that you can't feel it yet?

When you are Herx'ing, it's a good idea to drink lots of water, eat healthy foods, try a detox bath, etc.

I hope you feel better soon.

Peace and health to you

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