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I'll try to make this as short as i can. I'm 28 years old.

5 years ago, got really sick fever 103+ for a week, had a red rash on my back-But nothing like a bulls eye, i had doctors check it out, over five of them no answer but they said lyme wouldn't leave that rash for five years.

4-2 years ago i gained weight slowly lost my energy slowly, my weight went up to 300+. everyday i every so slowly got weaker.

2 years ago went to doctors because my feet and hands swollen. X-ray done and blood test, My heart was very enlarged, and my thyroid was not working at all, went on thyroid replacement and lost 80lbs and i thought i was feeling great. then two months later both knee's started to hurt, and have hurt every minute of everyday no for two years, also affected my elbows, hips, shoulders. I have a very loose stool alot of them time, and just don't feel so good.

I have had 100's of tests done.

last echo showed fluid aropund my heart, enlargement of the heart, and three leaking valves. I was in the hospital because my resting heart rate was 170-220. They said the fluid was making my heart work harder. but no answers why. I also had fluid in and around my lungs.

I have seen 16+ doctors, spent over 100,000 in medical care in the last year trying to fugire out what is wrong with me.

I never get any answers, I do have a ID doctor thats soposed to be good with Lyme, he sends he tests to the lab in CA and he doesn't like any other test for lyme, and he's the only doctor in my area who know you can get lyme here. But he says i don't have it.

Problems at the moment, kinda tired, knee's hurt.

I don't run fevers unless i got a flu or something.

Could this be Lyme with out ever having a fever? Can lyme just cause joint pain?

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