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I hesitate to suggest prescription meds since I'm not a doctor, but the treatment that has helped me MOST with neuro symptoms is cholestyramine. It is approved for reducing cholesterol, although apparently it is not terribly effective for that use. I think muscle twitching may be a neurological symptom because when nerve fibers become demyelinated (sp?) they act like a shorted out electrical wire and carry the electrical nerve impulses when they shouldn't.

The way I understand it, Lyme organizms (at least the spirochetes, and possibly the cyst and cell wall deficient forms) produce neurotoxins as they die. The neurotoxins get taken up and excreted in the gut, but instead of being eliminated they get re-absorbed to circulate again. As a result, neurologic symptoms can continue long after all trace of the disease organisms are gone. Cholestyramine is a resin that binds with the neurotoxins in the gut and carries them out of your body.

I had eye twitching, facial nerve paralysis, numbness and tingling in hands and feet, severe problems with brain fog, concentration and word retrieval, and severe fatigue. The first relief I felt was the fatigue, then the facial paralysis, and over the last 6 weeks everything else has been improving. I actually have hope that I will fully recover eventually.

The biggest side effect that I'm aware of is that the medication CAN cause constipation. But since I was on various oral antibiotics for 8-10 months, then IV rocephin for a month, then IV zithromax for 2 months, and now both zithro and rocephin IV (whew!) constipation is not one of my problems.

If your doctor thinks it would be helpful for your case, I hope you see improvement in your symptoms!

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