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Hi MichiganLymie,

Its so nice to chat with you. My story is quite lengthy so I wll tell you what I have been going through. My symptoms started the last week of January 2006. I had strange flu-like symptoms that started then. I was so sick I couldn't work. The Super Bowl was in Detroit the first week of February. The company I had worked for did a lot of the promotional events scheduled. Yet I couldn't perform my job and lost out on a lot of good things that were to happen. Fast forward to April 2006. I'm still sick starting to have other strange symptoms. Some symptoms were: heart palpitations, anxiety, shortness of breath, spotty eyes, headaches, ear ringing (tinnitus), extreme tiredness, ect. ect. The list goes on and on. I started seeing my DO. He did a standard CBC, Thyroid and other blood tests. Everything came back normal. From April through September this doctor treated me. He chalked everything up to depression, anxiety, and panic attack's. I have a cupboard full of anti anxiety-depression pills. I tried the depression pills which didn't work in fact some made my symptoms worse. During this time of treatment I kept asking my doctor what about Lyme disease. Indicating that my job had me outdoors year around throughout Michigan. He told me "Lyme is overated and doesn't exist in Michigan." I stopped seeing this doctor. He wouldn't look past the panic - depression syndrome.

From September 06 throughout the present day I have had numerous medical tests, Mri's, Ct's of the brain, additional x-rays, other blood work. Everything pretty much normal. I do have a C6-7 disk problem in my neck. I don't believe that it could be causing me all of the symptoms I feel. I started to try and get some answers on the internet. It is when I came on to this board that I learned of IgeneX (thanks Ticker). It is hard to find an LLMD in Michigan. I am only aware of two. One in Saginaw and one in Keego Harbor. I called Saginaw but was unable to see this doctor into August 2008. He had that big of a back log. The other doctor I've seen one time. I called his office and they agreed to sign the IgeneX lab requisition even before I ever saw him. I just had an appointment two weeks ago with him and the IgeneX results weren't completed yet. He ordered additional blood work and yesterday I had 17 tubes of blood withdrawn from me. I posted the other blood tests today if you wanted to see them. He wants to see me after the additional tests are completed. So I have at least two more weeks of waiting.

I would be interested in comparing IgeneX reports with you. I tested positive on 4 bands with 41kda band being +++. The CDC requires positive testing on at least 5 bands to be declared Lyme. But two of mine were Indeterminate. I also would like information on your doctor in Grand Rapids. Please let me know how we can do this. I would be willing to go to Grand Rapids. I just moved from Brighton to Howell. We live pretty close to each other. Just curious do you think or know if you contracted Lyme in Michigan? I understand that if I do indeed have Lyme its harder to treat the longer it goes. That's why I'm so frustrated. I don't want this disease to progress any further. I want an answer.

Thanks for reading.:)

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