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Stan - I was very interested in your story! I too got symptoms in January 2006. A weird sore throat on one side which progressed to severe jaw pain, extremely painful neck pain, etc. I went to 9 Drs. and 7 dentists in all. I was told by most of them that there is "no Lyme in MI". Everything else was ruled out - I like you had every test under the sun. Everything was normal - even my blood work.

One Dr. took out my tonsils in March, 2006 - thinking this was the cause of my sore throat. It was not. He put me on 6 weeks of steriods for all of the swelling. Steriods are totally contraindicated for Lyme - because they lower your immune system. After these 6 weeks I began to get tremors in my head and tongue. It was really weird. I was sure I was dying of something wretched.

Because I kept pressing on and searching the Internet I was sure I had Lyme. I then contacted the American Lyme Disease Assn. and found my wonderful, wonderful Dr. I called them on a Friday and they saw me on Monday. Without him I am sure I would be totally disabled today!

I am not an outdoorsy type person. The big joke in my family is that I must have caught Lyme at the mall!! (Funny - not!!). The only bite I have had in years was (and this is where it gets really weird) when I flew on airplane in early December and sat with about 8 deer hunters. They were filthy and were joking that they hadn't had baths in a week. My Dr. and I surmised that they probably put their coats on my coat and a tick or ticks got on my clothes. I stayed at an Indy airport hotel the next day and when I woke up to go to my meeting I had a big huge bite on my wrist! I have never seen a tick - don't even know what they look like but I think that is how I got it. It probably attached itself to my wrist while I was sleeping and then it probably came off in the shower. I got sick about a month after that.

Here are my Western blot results - I got 2 different results - one for Lyme IgM and one for Lyme IgG. The IgG test was negative - I think IgG means the infection has been there for awhile. My IgM was positive (IgM I heard means an active infection) - it takes 2 bands with +'s on the double starred (**) bands. He are my results:

** 31kDa IND
** 39kDa +
** 41kDa +
58kDa +
** 83-93 kDa +

I was such a strong positive that I met the State of New York and CDC guidelines. I was very upset but also relieved that my test was positive so I at least knew I wasn't crazy!

To find my Dr. - go Lyme Disease Association website -
Register with your name, etc. and go on the Dr. referral section. My Dr. in Grand Rapids will come up along with the one in Saginaw. Good luck and if you need further help let me know. I just don't like to post his name.

Stay in touch - I am interested in your journey. Been there - done that. Hang in there - it will get better. Just so you know, I am about 90% better. Last summer I couldn't even hold my head up - couldn't drive or anything. Now I am back to work full time, travel constantly and feel pretty good. The only problems I have sometimes is jaw pain, neck pain and arthritis in my fingers. All of this because NO ONE could figure out what was wrong for over 6 months! So sad that all of these fine medical minds couldn't figure it out nor would they listen to me.

Kind regards, Sue :D

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