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Hi all, I just got my blood test results from my GP. I was wondering if my white blood cell count is not elevated does that mean that there is no lyme or co-infection ?? Some other test showed that I do have inflammtion somewhere but no infections. Is that possible with lyme and the co-infections? test reults below:

sed rate 44mmlh

protein panel
albumin 4.1
alpha-1 globulins 0.4 (high)
alpha-2 globulins 1.0
beta globulins 1.1
gamma globulins 1.0

thyroid panel
t-3 uptake 22
t-4 thyroxine total 8.9
free t4 index 2.0
tsh 5.06 (high)

urea nitrogen (bun) 6 (low)
creatinine 0.9
glucose 92

sodium 139
potassium 4.7
chloride 105
carbon dioxide 21
calcium 9.5

lyme eia w/refl IGG,IGM WESTERN BLOT < or += 0.90

vitamin b12/folate serum panel
vitamin b12 558
folate, serum 5.8

wbc 8.0
rbc 5.44
hgb 16.0
hct 48.0
mcv 88.2
mch 29.4
chc 33.3
rdw 15,5
plt 297

The GP is looking into auto immune disorders now instead of lyme. Does any of this reflect what others have been through with lyme? I am now confused on lyme symptoms or something else. Any one have any thoughts or comments? I am not sure what direction to take now? Any and all comments welcomed.

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