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Hi All -

This isn't meant to scare anyone, just a bit of venting and hoping for some encouragement from someone else's experience.

For those of you who don't "know" (probably most of you), I was diagnosed a year ago. I was on oral abx for the last six months until almost two weeks ago when my PCP said "enough. Let's get you on IV abx and see if we can beat this thing" (as the result of my getting an MRI due to extreme fogginess - my brain ventricles were "enlarged" and I need to make an appointment with a neurologist, as suggested by my PCP).

So, I got my PICC line inserted on June 21 and started Rocephin that day. Last week I noticed a bit of swelling in my forearm that had the line in it. I mentioned it to the "visiting nurse" who changed the bandage and she said it was nothing. This past Monday, I noticed it had gotten worse and was a bit sore. I went back to the visiting nurse and she called my PCP but he was on vacation. The Dr covering for him said I should go to the ER and I did. I sat there for 4 1/2 hrs and it was confirmed that I had blood clots in my arm. The ER doc gave me a number to call for a Vascular Surgeon and sent me home :confused: :mad: :confused: So, it cost me a $100 co-pay on my insurance and they did NOTHING.

The next day I called the Dr that was recommended to me and left a message. After several hours, I still hadn't heard back and called them again. Eventually a nurse called me back and said the Dr there said I should GO BACK TO THE ER :mad: :mad: :mad:

So, I spent 4 more hours in the ER and they removed the PICC line from my left arm and put one in my right, gave me Coumadin and Levanox shots. I was told I would probably be charged ANOTHER $100.

SeveraL of the nurses said they never should've discharged me the night before without removing the line and treating the clots - YA THINK!??!?!?! :rolleyes:

So, I am now giving myself Lovenox shots (in the stomach) and taking Coumadin. I will see a Dr at the medical practice I go to tomorrow (ruining our plans to go away to visit my folks who were SO looking forward to seeing the grandkids - oh, yeah, and my wife and I too, I guess :) ). They will test my blood and see if I need to still be on blood thinners.

My left arm still feels sore and inflamed and my head is spinning. They told me to watch out for "nausea, dizziness and confusion". HE-LLO! I have LYME, I ALWAYS FEEL THAT WAY!!!!!

Anyway, I feel crappy. Hope this means I am herxing. I am REALLY shakey and VERY foggy. Makes it tough to be a good dad to my three and one year olds and a good husband to my saint of a wife....

Anyway, thanks for letting me vent. If any of you can give me any "experience, strength and hope", I would REALLY appreciate it.

Hi agm08042001. I am sorry you had problems with your PICC. You were right to keep calling the nurse. I cannot believe you were sent home when you had blood clots!

I hope the other line will be okay.

I have no doubt that you are a great husband and father. Taking care of yourself is one way to show this, and you are. I am sorry you had to change your plans. Maybe your parents could come and visit you?

Hang in there okay? I hope you are killing those buggers!

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