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Tony.. I had a good 4 days on the biaxin.. It was great.. Then I started the plaquenil yesterday in addition to the biaxin.. felt okay until last night.. then I felt like I did since april.. not worse but the same... I think I was spoiled having 4 good days.. I have to contact Dr. R's office today about a note for work.. My job wont let me work with a picc line.. I havent been to work since april and looks like I will be out until December..Thank God they are keeping me on the payroll, I dont know what I would do otherwise..I do miss work and hoped they would let me work with the picc line but its to much of a liability for them.. I have to make another appointment for a spect scan.. I wasnt able to make my last appointment... When are you expecting to get the results from yours?? Be careful in the ER with the crazy's.. I work with them myself on a daily basis and it could be dangerous for you.. its a good thing you are in the hospital anyway in case anything happened.. Sorry to hear you had a bad couple of days.. hopefully your herxing.. if it continues though call Dr. R and maybe he could switch you to another antibiotic.. A friend of mine had to go through 4 antibiotics until she found one that worked for her..She thought she was herxing for months but it turned out the antibiotics gave her horrible side effects.. stay strong and keep me posted..

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