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I noticed in another post you had wrote [COLOR="Blue"]"Have you ever taken a cyst-buster like Flagyl or Tinidazole?"[/COLOR]

[COLOR="Black"]I'm still trying to get a Lyme test to come back positive (3 Elisa's and a couple of Western Blots...all negative of course) I was bit by a tick 4 years ago and had a small round red rash. I am going to see one of the best Lyme doc's in the country this Thursday so I'm hopeful about that. [/COLOR]

I couple of months ago, I was put on high dose of Flagyl for a recurrent yeast infection (I'm a gal). While I was on the Flagyl, I literally couldn't talk..I studdered and stammered all over the place. I also would forget simple things like, how to get home, how to use my computer etc. When I finished up the Flagyl, the symptoms stopped. The past couple of months, I will say I'm a little better (not much though).

I was wondering if I had such a strong reaction to Flagyl b/c it's a "cyst buster". Can you go into more detail on how this abx works and what exactly these "cysts" are? Thank you for your help.

Also, I'm really scared that the infection has spread to my heart/lungs b/c I've been struggling w/ walking pnuemonia and chronic pluerisy. Also, my heart rate is extremely high (to where the dr wanted to call an ambulance for me) and I have chronic pain in the left side of my chest. Also, my blood pressure is ALL over the place. I'm only 28 and have never had BP problems in my life. Now all of a sudden it will shoot up during the day and I'll feel very sick. They want to send me to a cardiologist but I keep thinking "why on earth should I go!? They won't believe me about the Lyme's and I'll just end up paying another medical bill".

Thanks again!

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