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Hi All -

As I sit here and infuse myself with Rocephin, I have a situation I hope some of you might be able to give advice on.

I see my PCP tomorrow about this (and a checkup on the blood clots I had last week). I am feeling like CRAP and am THRILLED by it. Must mean I am herxing right along (I hope). So, I am supposed to have my PICC line removed on July 21, after only one month of IV treatment. I know relapses can happen and while there are no guarantees with this insidious disease, longer treatment can help prevent that (relapse).

How do I convince my PCP to keep me on for longer than one month? I was shocked when he suggested it to begin with. I got a letter from my insurer yesterday congratulating me on my treatment being approved and that it was for "999 Visits/treatments" but that I would need my Dr to call if I needed treatment beyond July 21, 2007.

Thoughts anyone? I see my Dr tomorrow and while I hate feeling like this and walking around with tubes coming out of me, I know it is also my best hope for beating this thing...

Thanks in advance, hope you are all having a good day and if you're in treatment, I hope you feel crappy (herxing, that is. I'm sure you know what I mean ;) )

Take care and God Bless,


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