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[QUOTE=bigstan;3103153]Hey Andy, Just curious I know from your answer to my post they have you on Rocephin, through your picc. The other two drugs that you are giving the warning on, are they part of the treatment along with Rocephin? I find out Tuesday from the nurse on the treatment I will be getting. Again, I'm not really looking forward to the picc line. I guess I'll get use to it. Did they tell you about any side effects from the medication?[/QUOTE]

Hey Stan -

First let me say that what happened to me was very unusual. I talked to the IV nurse and she said it RARELY happens.

About a week and a half after I first had the PICC line put it (left arm), I ended up getting blood clots in my arm. I noticed a soreness in my arm and a bit of swelling in my forearm (even though the picc is in the inside of your arm a few inches above the elbow). Ended up having to go back and have the line removed and another one put in my right arm (they put the second one in beofre taking out the first). So, I ended up on Coumadin because of the blood clots.

Like I said, it is VERY unusual that this happened. So please don't worry. Just follow the guidelines (don't lift anything over 10 lbs with the arm the picc is in, etc.) - I probably didn't.

The fluconazole was prescribed by my LLMD, whom I am no longer seeing for various reasons. It is meant to help prevent yeast infections (yeah, us guys get 'em too) from taking antibiotics in such high doses and for so long). He prescribed them when I was on oral antibiotics. Like a moron, I kept taking them (every 3 days, as prescribed) after I started the Rocephin and forgot to mention it when they asked about what other drugs I was on. It ended up interacting with my Coumadin and raising the levels way too high. Coumadin also interacts with higher doses of vitamins (C, D, K, Ginko, etc.). I NEVER should have kept taking the Fluconazole - I wasn't even thinking. Huh, a Lymie not thinking, imagine that :D

So, please do not worry about the picc line. My Dr joked with me that if something like that was going to happen to anyone, it would be me. I have been through so many medical issues over the last few years (pre-cancerous cysts - having another one removed Aug 2 and checked for Lymphoma, hip replacements - and I am only 41, due to old sports injuries, etc.) his assistant says she should have me on speed dial :( My wife also says if it was going to happen to anyone, it would happen to me....

Anyway, I haven't noticed any other side effects from the Rocephin. My Lyme Fog is still here and I am still tired and my joints ache.

You really do get used to the picc line (but I understand your hesitation!).

Like I said, I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Good luck Stan! I hope they DO put the line in. From all that I have heard, it is the means to an end of this lousy disease!

Take care and God bless, Andy

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