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Maureen, I just happened to run a search on your name to find out if you posted recently and came up with nothing...isn't that crazy?

Between the daily detox baths and Buhners protocol with the Andrographis I made tremendous progress, however...the progress was so slow it had to be measured every two months...I probably had a 1 to 2 percent improvement per two month period.

I definitely did not want to dishearten you about the Buhner protocol because it propelled me to a completely new place...but
after the divorce I had a brand new lifestyle which was more then twice as demanding...and I had to face that it was not possible for me to continue on at work, treat myself, and take care of my kids...I did not have another two years to wait...I was so low at one point, I was even considering cutting checks to some family members to make sure my former wife did not end up with it just before departing the "physicial" world. The divorce and the years of illness finally dropped me to my knees. But, my children...I tried to rationalize they could make it without me and then when I would see them, they were so happy to be with me, their eyes lit up. And I was angry because I knew I could not wait another two or three years on that protocol...I felt like I was at a dead end. I went to a doc who put me on a legal amphetamine to help with my energy and mood. I told him I thought it would mask my illness and send me into an energy nose dive. He asked me to try it. For the first day I felt great, and then just as I had suspected, I was in bed for three days following and had to call out of work. Then I realized, that was the last straw. I decided to take a leave from work so I could finally drill down and put as much effort as I possibly could into testing and treating the disease with the help of someone else besides myself.

I went to my PCP for a ELISA, which was positive and sent for a Western blot and for the first time, my results came back positive for IGM bands reflecting an active infection.

I believe it was the Andrographis and specifically the Samento that triggered my immune system to respond to the disease.

I went to doctor R, it's very easy, you just give a cab driver the address and you are there. Its an 11.00 cab ride from Grand Central but not sure how far it is from JFK or where you will be flying into.

My biggest mistake was that I made a lot of assumptions. I assumed I had Lyme and only Lyme...but I had the two other co-infections which is why I could not progress any further on Buhners protocol.
There is expense, risk of losing employment, lots of out of pocket expenses, but for people like us, when you are so sick you don’t want to live, I think you have to make the decision to find a way to just get in to see a specialist who really knows what to test for.
I feel there is a high probability that most of us are co infected and everyone should have blood sent to Igenix for ALL the co-infections..and that is why we, the chronic Lyme people, keep getting stuck in a rut and coming back here year after year, because the other coinfections survive the Lyme antibiotics while the co infections were either missed or tested by an unreliable lab and not treated seperately.

I used "Planetary formulas" for Andrographis. And this herb as you said is liver protecting.
I would have still continued on the same path forever but would never have known I was co infected unless Doctor R suggested it to me...because I was tested by a local lab for co infections many years ago and was told I was negative.

Much prayers and love goes out to you...let me know what you think, if you have questions...anything at all.

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