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Tony... Iam so glad that you wrote... I think about you often.. I went to see Dr. R at the end of November.. He wants me to do 12 weeks of IV levaquin.. Of course the Insurance company feels like they have paid enough with 12 weeks of zithromax.. So I just found the levaquin at a decent price so I will start that soon.. He feels it will kill what ever bartonella is left.. Iam so glad your off the meds.. CONGRATS !!! its a big step.. A long way from where we were the first day in Dr. R's office.. Let me know how that immune system boosting thing works out.. We spoke about it briefly.. Iam curious about it.. So for now Ill just be on the Levaquin.. Iam glad you joined the gym.. I have been doing some physical therapy and working out a little more also.. As far as the smoking.. Thats great.. Good for you.. Iam so not ready to tackle that one yet.. Keep it up.. I know it is hard.. It was so good to hear from you and please keep in touch.. Have a great Christmas and New Year !!!!!

Rodney.. I know what you mean about Dr. R.. he is the BEST.. I let him know every time I see him.. Its actually quite funny.. The office cracks up.. I hope your feeling better..

Thanks guys

Iam so glad you finally got a positive.. Wait till you see your picture.. Its pretty cool... I expected that the ins. company wouldnt pay more then 3 months of IV treatment.. So its not that disappointing.. It stinks but I was pretty fortunate.. I tried everything I could with them.. They are not budging.. I did find a company that has levaquin fairly cheaper then most places.. I finished my 3rd dose today... Iam going to get this bartonella!!!!!!!!! I have a appointment with Dr. R on the 26th so Iam going to be re-tested for everything again.. I hope your feeling better.. HAPPY HOLIDAYS !!

ILgal... Wow youll be in NYC to see Dr. R. on Valentines Day!!! Thats Great... You will be so happy you decided to do this.. you will not regret it.. In April of 07' I became very sick almost overnight.. My symptoms were more central nervous system then anything.. I had the shakes, chills, low temp, low blood pressure, lightheadedness, dizziness, weird feeling headaches, weight loss, anxiety, palpatations and MORE.. I went to 20+ doctors and spent weeks in the best hospitals around.. Noboby could figure it out.. During that time the only thing that was coming up positive was my lyme tests.. 4 different ones.. and my dr's would tell me that I had 4 false positives.. I thought that was impossible so I went for the spinal tap which also came back positive for lyme and my neuro said again it was a false positive.. I thought I was going to DIE.. I honestly couldnt go on like that anymore.. I knew the only thing I had to go on was my positive lyme tests.. So after some research I found Dr. R.. Made an appointment and on Aug 1st, I went to see him.. The best day of my life.. He told me that day that I actually had lyme and bartonella.. He started me on a heavy dose of antibiotics and supplements that day while I waited for approval for my picc line.. I was on biaxin, plaquenil and omnicef.. I couldnt believe within a few days I started feeling a little better.. then two weeks later I got my blood results back and sure enough I had lyme and bartonella.. a week after that I had my PICC put in and started 12 weeks of IV Zithromax and oral minocycline.. I had great improvement on that.. not 100% but much better.. After 12 weeks of that he wanted me on 12 weeks of IV levaquin to target the bartonella.. Thats where Iam now..Iam on my 15th day of IV levaquin.. each day I get better and better.. Its a really long road.. but I thank God for Dr. R.. He was the only one who listened and helped me.. You will see soon enough.. He is an Angel !!!!


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