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Hi guys... I had my appointment with Dr. R today... As usual it went great... What a great guy... He is keeping me on the same meds.. IV Zithro and oral omnicef and minocycline.. He was going to add Flagyl (sp?) but instead he told me to try taking Colloidal Silver.. He said its good for lyme and if that doesnt work he will put me on the Flagyl.. He also added a script for physical therapy.. Iam really excited about that.. cant wait to start working out again.. he is also sending me to a therapist for a lyme evaluation to see if i have any cognitive issues due to the lyme, since alot of my symptoms were neurological...but he said that iam doing great and that I might be able to have my picc taken out with in a month.. He also draw blood again.. a new test he is doing is the Fry test... Did anyone ever hear of that one?? he is also repeating my co-infection test and my CD-57 test.. Hope everyone is doing well...

Colloidal Silver was the first product I ever used to combat Lyme. It was effective in my case as it did stop my severe symptoms of dizziness and imbalance.
There were cased of "Argyria" a graying color of the skin reported many many years ago with a different product, Silver Nitrate. Some of these people looked like the tin man from the Wizard of Oz. I did a lot of research a couple of years ago and could not find and reported cases of Argyria from the current Colloidal silver being sold on the market. I would still research before making a decision on the most reliable manufacturer and I used 500 parts per million.

Siberian Ginseng or "Eleuthero" by Herb Pharm is powerful.
Samento (TOA free Cats Claw) is powerful and Andrographis Paniculata was the most beneficial for me.
"Healing Lyme" by Harrod Buhner is a must if you have not read it. He discusses all of these herbs at great length.

I trust Dr. R. and he did mention silver, but I herxed so hard off each of the herbs I mentioned alone, I don't know if I would want to try the Silver....

I herx so hard with the just IV meds I asked him if I could get off the oral Zithro and he was ok with that.

Let me know what you think!

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