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Dear Rodney,

I finally came back on the website a few days ago because I wanted to ask your advice on siberian ginseng and I know you had great luck with it at one time. By the time I had read some of your posts I was sitting here in tears, both good and bad.

I was so upset because as you know I have been following the protocol in the Buhner book just like you and I was always telling Ronnie how well you were doing and the I have hope. Then I read about your trip to Dr. Raxlen and it blew my mind. This is when I shed the bad tears. I went back as best as I could to find out why you changed directions but we all know that I am computer e-literate and after a while gave up the search. I know it might be repetitive for some people but please tell me why you switched.

The good tears were for the fact that you finally are seeing somebody who knows how to cure you. Of course Ronnie was all set to hop in the car and head for New York. He actually has a class reunion in Pennsylvania in October but with all the mobility problems I have I really haven't made up my mind if I'm going yet. Also how the heck would I get around New York City??
Another thing to consider is follow-ups. It's way too far from Dallas.

I'm sure you remember that I was on a picc-line for 10 weeks when my liver enzymes went from 40 - 740 and the doctor pulled the picc-line because he freaked out. At the time I didn't realize what the numbers meant. Now that I do it freaks me out too. Then when I went to Dr. Crist in Missouri he had me on rifampin, cipro, biaxin, flagyl, ceftin and too many other things to mention. I was really hoping the Buhner theory would work but maybe I'm being naive. The only thing I can say is that in the last year since the pneumonia I seem to be holding my own except for the leg twitching and arthritis increase. I'm not sure if this means the andrographis is stirring things up or what. Against my inner wishes I did go on requip this past week and it seems to be helping. Maybe if I can get more sleep it will improve things. The twitching had been keeping me up all night.

I don't know if I will continue this route if you feel it's a bust so please let me know. What brand of andrographis did you use? My natural doctor uses progena and only doctors can get it and it is pretty expensive but unlike all the other kinds that say don't use for extended periods the progena says it is good for liver support. Of course what Buhner says to take is more than the bottle says but I'm not surprised at that. I guess I need for you to tell me about the eleuthero (siberian ginseng) too because the fatigue and energy are about to drive me crazy. Also if you thought it helped what brand of that too. If I used herb pharm like Mr. Buhner said it would cost about $10/day for a few months. Wow! It would be so great if when we were all over this we could give the CDC all of our bills since they are telling everybody 4-6 weeks of Doxy is the cure. I await your reply anxiously and wish you nothing but the best. You have always been a special friend.


PS Mickie, I hope the picc-line helps you. I really need to get on here at least once a week so I can keep up with my old friends. Make sure you take lots of milk thistle to keep the .liver enzymes down. You have always amazed me that you do all that you do. Who cares about caps!! I sit here and hunt and peck since my right hand tends to curl up since the pneumonia last year. This started when I was taking all the flagyl and the infectious disease doctor in the hospital blamed it on that. Don't you just love it when the "cure" makes you worse than the illness? Why are we not all in a padded cell together!

PS Jennifer, Welcome to the site. I just wanted to let you know when I first started this over 6 years ago my first symptom was a sinus infection too. Hang in there and don't let them tell you it's MS like they did me. All the steroids they gave me has made this an unending nightmare since steroids are a no-no for lyme. You are in the right place for info and compassion.

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