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New to the forum as of yesterday.....Thanks to itsmylife and all for this resouce.

I have been ill since Dec. 12, 2006. Prior to this date I was in East Africa (July-Aug), Central Oregon (Aug-Sept), and Montana (Oct). Pulled a tick of my daughters knee in Africa and spotted several tick on my pant leg, don't remember a bite nor a rash.

It began with extreme vertigo and flu like symptoms. About a month later all heck broke loose, eye pain, blurred vision, numbness, tingling, burning, creepy feeling under the skin, major fatigue, dizzyness (off-balance) almost leaning to one side, muscle weakness. I have been to several doctors, and been tested for everything including; lyme (not Western Blot), MS, AIDS, Malaria, MG, sinus infections etc. All came back negative with the exception of one MD that notifed me my Magnesium level looked strange, and to get it retested.

I have been prescribed a few antibotics since I became ill, once for a sinus infection and then again in June when I started having bladder spasms?

I had always thought it was lyme, but the pieces really began to come together in June, when I was pres. BIAXIN for 15 days (high dose). This is when I felt a little better....?

However in the last several day, the eye pain and the freaky skin sensation (numbness, tingling, burning, pins and needles) are back.

Yesterday, I got serious. I want my health back. I spent the day in front of the computer, collecting names of doctors and reading anything I could find on lyme. I read the thread by itsmylife visit to Dr. R. (awesome). At the end of the day I was completely exhausted and on information overload.

Decided to watch the sunset with my honey. As I watched the sunset I prayed that I would be lead to the right doctor for me. Went to bed, turned on the TV and there was Dr. R as big as life on Discovery health!

Woke up this morning and called Dr. R. I am scheduled to consult end of Sept. I will keep you posted. If this is not the problem...I have no idea;(

Washington State

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