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Need info on shots
Jul 17, 2007
hi everyone. i haven't been around for quite a long time, having a lot of family problems at the moment.

i was writing because i had a question about shots.. i have been on orals for a long time and i think i have just about exhausted all of them.. i was on bicillin shots once in the past and they actually made quite a big difference.. i had to take them once a week. the shots were so painful that i would get panic attacks on shot day.. and the rest of the week was spent dreading the pain that was coming. i knew they were good for me but i just couldn't deal with ow painful they were.

right now a picc line is NOT an option for me. so my question was are the rocephin shots as painful as the bicillian shots are? are they as effective? can they be taken once a week like the other shots? can they be taken in the thigh instead of the hip ... what can be done to reduce the pain?

please let me know.

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