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My sister went to Dr. Steere also. She was on abx as prescribed to her from Dr. Donta. Dr. Steere basically told her that if she did indeed have Lyme than the oral abx would do nothing for her and only IV would help. He also took some blood to do his own tests. She had only one positive on the IgeneX and never had any co-infection testing done. She was told she has MS and I can't get her to go to another doctor. She has Lyme symptoms NOT Ms symptoms. I have no idea why that doctor would say IgeneX gives out positive tests. What would be the reason for them doing that??
Anyway, I was just tested for co-infections and found postive for Bartonella. My doctor said it was the most common co-infection being found in the NorthEast. Since you live here too I would highly recommend you get tested. I never had any clue I would have had that one. I was sure I would have had Ehrlichia so you never know. Now I have added Levaquin to my abx and I really have hope that this will do the trick. Don't give up in finding out what is going on. It took me almost two years. Good luck with your surgery and please see if your PCP will give you those tests. It might just make the difference. Take care..


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