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At my neurologist's prompting I saw an infectious disease doctor last week. Neurologist highly recommended him, and knew of my plans to see Dr. Fein. He didn't discourage me, just said that if I had to wait that long to see her, I should give the ID doctor a try first.

He was a nice enough guy but probably isn't going to be the one to help me. He was very skeptical of my having Lyme (my Quest lab results were negative on all bands), but also mildly skeptical of my having Babesiosis and Bartonella (I tested positive for Babs and borderline for Bartonella), although he did say that since I'm doing better after the Mepron that's a sign that I "might" have them. (Hmm...tested positive even by Quest...have Babs-specific better since taking antibiotics. Is it just me? Where does the might come in?)

At any rate, he said he wants me to be tested again since my blood test was from late May, and that even if I tested positive he would want to wait before putting me on antibiotics right away. I was okay with all of that (mainly because I am going to see Dr. Fein in August and I expect she'll be the one who will actually treat me). But now I'm thinking it might not be such a good idea.

The timing would be as follows:

Today/tomorrow: retest with Quest (results come in one week)

July 30: test at Dr. Fein's office (I assume she uses Igenix)

July 31: see ID doctor again

August 13: see Dr. Fein

Even if my Quest tests came back positive and ID doctor is willing to treat me I want to see Dr. Fein first. I may let him treat me (because he's on my insurance) but I want to hear what she has to say first. So now I'm worried that if I test negative by Quest and then test positive immediately after by Igenix the insurance will reject it, saying "Igenix gives false positives." Maybe I should postpone my appt. with the ID doctor and just bring a copy of the Igenix results back to him?

I am positive I have Lyme, it's the only thing that makes sense based on the symptoms I have. Neurologist and ID doctor think I may just be having a babs relapse but the babs-specific symptoms I had are completely gone now after the Mepron. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

(Due to problems unrelated to all of this, we may have to change insurance and the new insurance is going to cost us $400-$500 more per month. Since I have money in the bank right now and since I have spent over $5000 out of pocket already since February on all of this, and are already spending $800 a month, I'm thinking of dropping insurance entirely right now but DH doesn't want to. I hate insurance companies!)


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