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I have been recently diagnosed with Lyme's - finally, after 5 yrs of symptoms - and am now receiving IV Rocephin, Plaquenil and taking Actigall as a preventative for gall bladder issues. (started with doxy for two wks, been on Rocephin for two weeks now.)

Question: have been getting what my doctor calls Herxheimer reactions where it feels like your symptoms are getting worse. Has anyone been through these and how long do they last?? Although my mind is clearing (I had a lot of mental issues - mind fog, concentration, short term memory loss, depression, mood swings, etc. due to the Lyme's), the fatigue and listlessness seem somewhat worse. Could this be the toxins? I'm on a strict yeast-free and sugar-free diet -- dr's orders. Also taking probiotics and antifungal.

Any help would be great. Thanks !!!

More about my story: in Sept 2002 I thought I had a tick disease but all tests were negative (or so my doctors thought - I now know my Western Blot IgM was actually positive in 2002 cause I hit on band 23) so never received any treatment, in 2004 I went back to dr's and said I have no energy don't feel right, etc. so they said I had Babesiosis and treated me for that (I now know I never had Babesiosis - and they knew it too cause they test they ran was clearly neg but they still treated me anyway and never did a Lyme's test).

From 2005-now I have had recurrent upper respiratory infections, sinus surgery, fatigue that became extreme. Had dr's tell me since my blood counts were normal, I could not possibly have any infectious disease.

Then early this year - thank goodness - had a test that tested my nutrient levels and turned out my protein and other essential nutrients were severely depleted across the board. I had also developed extreme food and environmenal sensitivities/allergies that I never had before. (Am on 5 allergy shots a week and also had another sinus surgery.)

Went through all the specialists - even top infectious disease/Lyme's specialist who said if my blood count is normal, my lymph nodes are not swollen, I don't have a temp and don't have joint pain - then I can't have Lyme's! My allergist (who also had Lyme's) suggested another Lyme's specialist.

Took 3 weeks for appointment but as soon as this dr. heard my symptoms - extreme fatigue, mental issues, general stiffness, etc. and saw the 2002 Western blot - he said I have Lyme's. He did another Western blot in addition to a ton of other tests for co-infections - Lyme's IgM came back strong positive (even under CDC and NYS criteria)!

He immediately petitioned for the IV Rocephin because he explained that given my mental issues the Lyme's is most likely attacking my brain.

Other - my allergist found staph infection in my sinuses that, of course, is resistant to Rocephin so I am also on IV Clindamycin.

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