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Hi Angie -

Sorry you have this to deal with.

I'm in VA also and was bitten by a tick at the end of May of this year. I have lupus, so I freaked a bit when I saw the bull's-eye rash as Lyme is all I need on top of lupus.

I found an internal medicine doctor outside of Richmond who saw my bulls-eye rash and started me on 200mg/day of Doxycycline (Center for Disease Control standard treatment and not strong enough). I found this site, the needed effective Doxy dose, and my doctor was willing to follow the advice I got here. The treatment protocol is from a well-known LLMD (Lyme Literate MD), Dr. Burrascanno. You can search this thread and find it. I gave my doctor the web address so she could read the protocol for herself. My doctor and I agreed she'd prescribe 400mg Doxycycline for 6 weeks for me as the recommended first treatment protocol for recent bites is 400mg to 600mg/day for 6 weeks.

I did have an Initial Lyme Panel blood test done at Igenex lab in California; that's really expensive (about $400) and my results were negative (yipee!) but band 41 on the IgG was +++ and that's often the first to become positive. Time will tell for me.

If you're anywhere near Richmond, I can give you the doctor's name. She isn't a LLMD, but she was willing to help me since I could show her a confirmed treatment protocol that just exceeded the CDC standard. Perhaps as an alternative, you could copy/paste/print the Lyme treatment protocol or direct your doctor to the site Dr. Burrascanno has. Perhaps your doctor would be willing to treat you with the higher dose of Doxycycline for 6 weeks, too. It won't hurt to ask!

Wishing you well - Barbara :)

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