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Re: Hey Ticker
Jul 25, 2007
I'm sorry to hear about all of those horrible symptoms. I can relate as I suffered with the same since the age of 12 (I am now 36)except the spinal and menstrual symptoms obviously.
I can tell you that my mother also had lyme and eventually her spine deteriorated and had a failed fusion surgery.
I served in the Marine Corps from 89-91. I had the hangover symptoms every day and fatigue where my muscles felt week and I was short of breath. The dizziness that followed and all the other symptoms listed. I just couldn’t keep up and eventually suffered a knee injury and was discharged.
Since I had a service connected disability, I had free VA coverage and began seeking help from the VA hospital. That was in 91. I went to see a neuro there and he seemed lost. Even though I tested positive for five IGG lyme bands, he said six weeks of doxy should take care of it. Of course by that time, ten years had passed and I was in way too deep for the doxy to irradiate the illness. I pleaded for more treatment but was turned away.
My story is pretty much like everyone else’s. I was sent to doctors to treat specific symptoms and never got anywhere. I just kept giving up and trying to live with it.
I studied nutrition and began body building and found I could only exercise in conjunction with Ephedrine. When I took the ephedrine and ate a meal I felt clear and all symptoms disappeared immediately. This is how I knew I was not crazy. So sadly, I continued bodybuilding and using Ephedrine and as the years passed I needed more ephedrine to perform. The moment I stepped out of the gym, all symptoms returned and I felt like I may die. My muscles shrunk as I walked in the parking lot and my sinuses dried up and I had extreme pressure in them, then the dizziness came on.
After ten years of bodybuilding, I reached a point where all my muscle groups seemed to shut down, one day it was legs, one day it was chest, then back...I could not flex any of these muscle groups and it became difficult to walk...I still tried to continue training and tore my ACL because my quad was so weak.
Eventually all the muscle groups shut down and I had used and abused the ephedrine to the point where I had reached the end. I realized I had to give up my fake athletic body, and buckle down and figure out how to save my life. I bought some books; there were two that I found very helpful.
"Healing Lyme" by Harrod Buhner" The other was "Beating Lyme" by Dr. Jernigan. The most important part about reading these books was seeing in print all of what I was suffering through in someone else’s words. It validated what I had and I knew I was right and that gave me the fire to fight.

I was so fatigued by the time I got the books and started the protocols, any food I ate seemed to be retained as fluid and my face blew up like a balloon. I went from "The Rock" to "Meatloaf." I had a family and kids so I looked at the big picture and decided I had to stop short cutting, quit the gym and find the answers.

The first remarkable thing that I remember was the feeling after my first detox bath, with a box of baking soda and two 32 oz bottles of peroxide.
I felt relief from this awful toxic feeling I carried with me for a half an hour afterwards....but this was something, this was more validation I was on the right track. I continued on the protocols in the books for 3 years and have made tremendous progress. As soon as the day was over, I would run to the bath tub and get out this poison.

I think there is much to be said for taking good care of yourself, but I reached a sticking point and found myself back here with these wonderful people.

Through all the years I would visit my infectious disease doctor and ask her if there was any new discoveries that would help me, but she was convinced I did not have an active infection as I could not come back with any IGM bands representing a current infection. She said my symptoms were that of an auto immune response and I should get my rest, eat right and "Try not to think about feeling sick."

As it turned out, after taking care of myself over the past three years and staying away from the gym and treating with the protocols in the books, I boosted my immune system just enough to finally respond to the active infection. Last month for the first time in my life, I came back with a positive reaction to two out of three IGM bands proving there is in fact a current active infection. I was right, I was right all along. And now as you read in my other post, I am no longer short cutting.

All your symptoms sound exactly like mine and everyone else here for that matter. If the doctors that exist today were around when my nightmare started, and knowing what I know now, I would have taken out a loan and gone to the best Lyme Literate Doctor there was available. I would fly across the country if I had to. I would leave my job and live with my mother; I would do whatever it takes because you stand a high chance to loose everything you hold valuable to this disease if not treated properly. My other major mistake was settling. I would be treated and feel slight improvment and give up because I didnt want to go to another doctor or spend more money. I shortchanged myself and I will not give up until every last symptom is gone.

I had no business thinking I could manage my own illness. Even though I was pretty good and tried my best, I should have got into the best doctors office and used every resource possible. And now here I am, I've lost all quality of life from 12 until about 34 years old. That was two years ago when I started to come out of it...the coma like disconnection to life. And just as I was waking up, I learned I had lost, my wife basically to other more attractive healthy men and her desire to start a new life. If you have ever seen the Movie, "Vanilla Sky" that is what last year was like for me.
It took for that to happen for me to realize this is legitimate and I have very, very high hopes and confidence about living a happy life and rebuilding and most of all, just stepping onto the body building stage and competing at least once as a healthy man. Even if I'm 38 or 40, I want that dream, I need to win...And of course I want to find a special person to share my life and kids with..I want to be the best go to guy at work.

Anyway, sorry for rambling. As you already know, Ticker is the one to go to with technical questions, so you are on the right track. The Igenex testing for the Western blot for Lyme, additional for Babesia, Bartonella, Erlichia, Mychoplasma, anything and everything without cutting corners. I think you should definitely consider getting in to see a Lyme Specialist. See if you can check into that doc in Pheonix and find any info on him you can get. I might even call the office, and see if they can talk to you a little and you will know in your gut if they are the rigth ones.
I've been to see every different type of doctor there is. Even if your tests come back negative, some docs will treat based on symptoms. That is what I would focus on. I don't know where you are located in the country, but I would fly across the USA to see Doctor Raxlen. I would keep talking to Ticker as you are doing to make that your focus, find a Lyme specialist first, and then if they want to send you to a neuro, or infectious disease, then follow what they want you to do.

As for how I'm feeling, I hope not to suffer the severity of herxing as many here have since I spent three years of productive detoxing and homepathics. I should have a much lower load coming out and I have felt the disease loosing its grip but it's just been too slow and I refuse to wait any longer.

There is so much to learn, especially about the co infections which I never gave much thought to. I realize now, you really can't get far without addressing those first. Another thing Ticker said years ago which I was ignorant for not taking seriously.

You are in the right place though and congrats for finding your way here.

PS, the reason I asked about your military service was the remote possibility of Gulf War Syndrome...or experimental shots I've heard rumored to cause similar illnesses. It sounds unlikely based on your branch of service, where you were stationed, and your classic symptoms of Lyme. But I will say, I've made the mistake a making many assumptions. If I was at the VA hospital, I would also ask how to obtain info on all Immunization Shots, and cross check them for symptoms thoroughly. Leave no stone unturned as there could be hopefully not-but multiple things happening.

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