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Re: Hey Ticker
Jul 25, 2007
Hi Itsmylife,
I was in the air force from 83 until 92. I was stationed in North Dakota, England and Florida. What about you are u a vet? My stmptoms are long and numerous. I'm sure I'll miss a few but here goes.
every morning I wake up feeling like I have a terrible hang-over
it feel like one thing effecting my whole body
blurred vision, floater, eyes sometimes feel like sandpaper
constant dizziness, balance problems
ringing in ears, sometimes will last for days. at this point more ringing than non-ringing
neck arthritis- docs say i have some degen. disk issues, I can tell its from whatever is causing my head problems. Impossible to convince docs.
heart palpitations, and pinch-like feeling in the heart/chest
shortness of breath
physical exsertion- bones feel tired not just muscles
constant pelvic pressure
problems with my period
strange muscle twitches-including twitching in eyes
weird shoting pains in torso along with spots of numbness
diarreah (sp)
joint aches
soles of feet sore/ sometimes itchy
palms of hands peel
circulation problems with pings of pain in what seems like major artiries. neck, under arms
occasional swollen lymph nodes in under arms
rib pain
tenderness in back on both sides just about where the rib cage ends
problems with concentration, memory, ect.
I've been to gyn's, nuero, and am going to infectious desease doc.
mri showed a few white spots, doc said normal for my age (43)
I had indeterminate WB test for hiv (1 band gp 160) 1 yr ago. all 4 re-test since have been negative.
all RPR's for syphillis are neg. Convinced one doc to do a confirmatory FTA-ABs anyway. I had 2, both were inconclusive. ***? Docs don't know what to say about that. Maybe infectious disease will help with that. Hopefully WB for lyme will give some answers.
hiv DNA test neg.
all other std's neg. clym, hpv, gon., everything.
all other blood work is normal. occasional slightly raised WBC
like I said I'm sure I left somethings out, But what do you think?
Well that's it for now. I'll give you one other really interesting symptom later, but I'll save that for another time.
Enough of me tell me about you. Do you feel like that **** is dying off? I hope so. Nice atlking to ya! take care

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