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Ticker- thanks for your help. I do not have TOTAL faith in my LLMD. (Dr. Donta) You warned me he does not treat co-infections. If the Quest lab is negative I am going to ask for Igenex. Maybe I should anyways just to make sure I have the right co-infections listed. I figured I would start with this doctor and then get a second LLMD opinion on the treatment using the labs I get. I am not sarting treatment until later in August. I have a heavy load at work and I cannot risk the Herxes. With planning, I can lighten my load and put contingencies in place in case I get sick. I have been dealing with this for a year so a few more weeks will not kill me.
I am starting with 400 mg/day Plaquenil (SP?) and 1000mg/day Biaxin.

My understanding is that it could take a year for me to see improvement. True? Also, Dr. Donta told me not to take vitamins (I do not anyways, I hate pills) but I know it is a controversial subject and was wondering about your thoughts on it.

Thanks for everything!

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