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Rachel, my husband and I are going through this debate right now. I contracted Lyme 10 years ago, but was not diag. until last Oct. I have only been married to my current husband for 2 1/2 years. When we went to see my LLMD in January (DR. Phillips) my husband asked him if it was sexually transmitted and DR. P said yes. My husband also asked Dr. Jones and he said yes. Well yes I understand the problem with proving this. My new husband just tested positive for Lyme last Friday. But my new husband and I were not in the same area that I contracted Lyme, and he has not been to that area. I moved here a year after I contracted it. By his pos. bands one doctor has concluded that he has had it at least a year. So did I give it to him? He believes that I did. My ex husband also has many symptoms of Lyme (but refuses to be tested), and he had the menengitis when he was 13. We got married at 18. So did I actually contracted it from him and not from a tick? I thought it a very weird coincidence that being married we would both get menengitis 12 years apart. We live in S. Texas but my current husband is from CT, has he actually had it longer than the doc thinks, his sister in CT has Lyme. Did he get it while visiting family 4 years ago. I had never been to CT until last Oct. for my first LLMD appt. So I know I didn't get it from my current husband or CT. Who really knows! It is so frustrating. I don't know if anyone will ever figure it out. But I do know that it is found in blood, semen, saliva and breat milk, so how can it not be sexually transmitted. Dr. Jones said that he was treating a baby with Lyme that had been passed on to by the mother who has Lyme. The father was negative, but then he decided to drink her breast milk and is now positive for Lyme. And the confusion goes on!!! In the Aug. Public Health alert a doctor has said that you can keep passing it back and forth between each other and not get well if both partners have Lyme and one is not being treated. that may explain why my son( we are receiving the same meds, same doeses) has improved so much with treatment and I have not. My husband has Lyme and hasn't been treated, so has he been repeatedly reinfecting me? That is a good possibility. Good luck with this one, let's just assume that it can and try to be safe!! Please if you think that you have Lyme don't donate BLOOD, Sarah
[QUOTE=KeyLyme;3172785]I talked w/ my son's LLMD yesterday and he said that he believes Lyme can be sexually transmitted and also transmitted via the placenta.[/QUOTE]

KeyLyme, are you talking about Dr. J? When we went to see him in Jan, my husband asked him if it was sexually transmitted and he said yes, but more easily man to woman because of the amount of "fluid" transfered, but he said that he was treating a child who had contracted it from the mother, and one night while her and her husband where out on a date she became overfilled with breast milk, so her husband drank it, UGH! (sorry for the grossness) but he got Lyme disease from the breast milk. We also asked Dr Phillips ( who used to be the VP of ILADS and he also said that it could be Sexually transmitted. these are two very Lyme knowledgable doctors. I trust their word. the problem is, there is no way to actually confirm that it was passed sexually because everyone is exposed to the enviroment and could just as easily have gotten it from outdoor activities, or from infected ticks that a pet brought inside the house. Did my husband get the Lyme from me, I have no absolute clue. I know that he fetched my son's ball out of a field 2 years ago and later found an attached tick on his leg. so maybe that is how he got it. I wonder, if it is sexually transmitted, do you get the classic bull's eye rash? some people continue getting rashes even after the tick has been removed, so would there be a rash if it was passed on sexually. AH, and the mystery continues!! Sarah

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