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[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Hi Rachel,

Me again, Dr. Singleton was the first to tell me that it is believed to be sexually transmitted. That scares the hell out of me because you just never know. My husband does have a lot of the same symptoms as me and has for a long time. Sometimes we try and go back and see who had what symptoms and when but too hard plus my brain does not work like that at the moment. He was tested through the standard lyme western blot and it came back negative. Dr. Singleton said once we get situated and my treatment is rolling he can test my husband without seeing him and if it comes back positive then he would have to see him for treatment.

I am also going to have my daughter retested. She has many of the symptoms plus has Juvenile Diabetes and was diagnosed with Rheumatory arthritis almost 2 years ago. He is going to test her once we get back. I guess that will help in a way of figuring out if it is sexually for us. If she is positive then I know it is just because we lived in a heavily tick infested area. My dog also has it. Otherwise the guilt will be with me forever.

We also practice safe sex now. A little on the weird side since we have been together for 18 years and starting it over but whatever it takes.[/FONT]
Just got my boyfriend's test results today. His western blot is positive. So Yes, I seriously think Lyme is sexually transmitted!
[FONT="Comic Sans MS"]Rachel,

Sorry to hear that your boyfriend is positive also. That is what I am afraid about with my husband and even though it does not matter, I am the type that will have guilt forever if I am the cause.

My daughter is still having some strange issues so she is going in Tuesday for another western blot to see how it turns out. I hope it comes back ok.

We are a recent report on the news here about how one county close by is having a lot of new cases and they are now calling it a "growing epidemic". Maybe people are really starting to take it seriously. Weird thing is I stopped in to see one of my old co-workers and she said her 4 year old tested positive for it and was treated right away when she had the rash. And her boyfriend had it. I told her the sexually tranmitted debate and she was shocked. I said you never know and now after being together for 18 years my husband & I are practicing safe sex so that should say something. [/FONT]

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