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Lyme apparently has been found in all body fluids. My wife was recently tested (I have had Lymes for 3 years) and we found one positive band and a couple indeterminate bands. She's been exposed but so far seems to be fighting it off. She shows no symptoms YET.

We have an appt with my Lyme doc shortly to see how he wants to treat her. Complicating matters is that we just found out a few days ago that she's pregnant...

The CDC says no, you can't get it from another person, but realistically, it's going to be very hard to do a study like that. I can't see them getting a couple together, one person who has Lymes, one who doesn't. Test the one person to make sure there are NO lyme antibodies, put them in a plastic room for a few months (to make sure they don't get bit by a tick in the meantime, skewing the results), have some of them kiss only, some of them only have unprotected sex only - no kissing (risking pregnancy), and a control group doing neither). Never happen, yet it's about the only way to prove the matter one way or the other.

There's lots of people who anecdotally say that their spouse got it from them, and you can now add me to the list.

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