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I posted here once or twice before and I still do not know if I have Lyme Disease or not???? Been sick for over five years with a lot of really strange symptoms. I had blood work done through Igenex last September and on the one test it came back with three indeterminate bands and on the other one it came back with two indeterminate bands. I just recently (July 11th) had a spinal tap done. The lyme test in the spinal fluid was negative, but it did show obligenal (spelling???!!) bands. I have six of these bands in my spinal fluid which my doctor says is usually indicative of MS, but I don't have any of the other "markers" to support MS (my MRIs are without lesions, my VER was "probably" normal and my ENG showed just a slight delay in the one leg muscle). I AM SO CONFUSED and FEEL SO SICK.

Can someone PLEASE tell me if EXTREME head pressure and EXTREME diziness (to the point of almost falling over or passing out). Pressure changes inside head going from standing to sitting and vice versa and head noises and burning sensations and "fluid feeling" in head and ears (even having your ears wet), ears feeling full and ringing, plus difficulty walking and muscle twitching and EXTREME vision problems. Difficulty lying down - feeling as if you are falling even while lying down and so much more .... are these symptoms of Lyme Disease?????

Sorry for all the questions - but I NEED HELP. I am not sure what to do next. The doctor is waiting for some more test results to come back on the spinal fluid ... but I think that he FINALLY believes that there is a problems because of these bands showing up in my spinal fluid because up until now I think that he thought I was crazy.

I would GREATLY APPRECIATE anyone's input especially regarding the symptoms and the bands in the spinal fluid.

Thank you so much for listening to me "go on and on"!!

Please overlook my typos - my vision is so messed up!!

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