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I went to a infectious disease doctor a couple of weeks ago.

I knew they were going to be putz's before I got there, but they really exceeded my expectations of their putz-hood.

I explained things, showed them a copy of my Western Blot. They were confused why I had a Western Blot after having had a negative ELISA. They couldnt figure out why I would want a Western Blot done...and then I really made their heads hurt when I told them I'd just had ANOTHER Western Blot done that morning!

They told me in their heavily Farsi accented bad English that I couldnt have Lyme disease...for some reason, I dont know why, one of the 2 guys I saw that day suggested that I go get a Hepatitis B vaccine (huh?? what? why?!?!!) I told him I was on a steroid taper that week (should NOT get vaccinated for anything while on a steroid taper) and he told me that it's ok, I could go do it. I have no clue why he wanted me to get a Hep B vaccine. Needless to say, I ignored that suggestion.

I didnt care for the fact that both of these doctors could barely speak English at all, I had to keep telling them to repeat themselves. I'm not a prejudiced person, but if you have a job where a good grasp of English is essential, then they should try to make a better effort to learn to speak and understand English fluently. (one of them kept using the phrase "How you say...") Either that, or bring a freaking interpreter with them.

Plus the fact, they made me feel like I was being talked down to because I'm female. One of them made some sort of comment about how women sometimes start believing their ill around my age. (I'm 38)

So, apparently they thought I was a hysterical, female hypochondriac who needed to vaccinated for things that I probably dont need to be vaccinated for.

I figured out halfway thru the appointment, that I should play dumb about what I know about Lyme, because they were just going to treat me like I was really nuts and probably call for a psych consult.

At least my regular doctor is humoring me on the 2nd Western Blot (which I'm STILL waiting for the results, even tho I know the test is finished)

I'm actually reasonably convinced that I do have MS, I just wanted to be absolutely sure that it's not Lyme before I started to take the MS drugs (just got my autoject for my MS drugs today...drugs come next week)

So, if I get my Igenex results next week, (hopefully) I'm going to be really really really surprised if it comes back positive.

The infectious disease doctor did tell me that because of the two Lyme bands on my first Western Blot (41 and 23) that it's possible I've been [I]exposed[/I] to Lyme disease, but he said there's no way that I could possibly have it [I]now[/I]. (huh?) and he did tell me that those bands could possibly be a cross reaction with the Epstein Barr virus. (I had mononucleosis in 1996)

Hope you get out of limbo soon.

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