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Hi Nick, Welcome to the board. Your symptoms sound so much like mine. You will get kind advice and suggestions from people who are in there own private hell like myself. I'm 40. I live in Michigan. In January 2006 I became extremely ill and haven't recovered yet. It started with flu like, dizzy symptoms that I've never felt before. I tried to work but was sent home so many times. After a short leave I still haven't returned. It has been a terrible nightmare of 18 months now for me. In February the palpitations of the heart started. I had the stress echo test. Passed with flying colors. In April 06 the ear ringing (tinnitus) in both ears started. I hear this noise every day 24/7 and it hasn't gone away yet.

Fast forward May-September 06. Developed severe panic attacks and anxiety. Spent the whole summer of 2006 indoors. In October the terrible headaches started. I went 30 days before I went to the ER and had a CT of the head. Normal no bleeds. I went to three ENT doctors. Had every test under the sun. Again normal tests. I have had 3 MRI's of the brain and cervicle (neck). Some things popped up like a slightly disk bulge at the C6-7 level. I have been assured that it doesn't cause my symptoms. I spent $26,000.00 dollars out of my own pocket because I had no insurance. That changed in December 2006. I now pay a monthly premium because I knew then I was seriously ill.

Fast forward to April 2007. It was suggested to me to be checked out for Lyme disease. My doctor ordered the Lyme elisa test. It was Negative. I didn't know then what I do now that this test is bascially useless. The majority of people who have this test are Negative. Again my doctor chalked it off to anxiety and panic attacks. His treatment: Here take these magic anti-depressant pills. Just a total nightmare with my old doctor. I then started to read everything that I could about Lyme on the internet. I couldn't believe all the symptoms that I had were so consistent with Lyme disease. I came across this website on the internet. I did exactly what you are doing by asking questions. I found a LLMD or Lyme literate doctor. There are labs in the US that test only for Lyme. IgeneX out of California tested my blood on the Western Blot. I tested positive on 4 different bands. The CDC states that a person is positive if positive on at least 5 bands. I also had two bands that were ideterminate. My LLMD has now put me on a picc line (home iv antibiotics) to fight this disease. At this point my neurological symptoms are so bad that oral antibiotics won't help.

Its been a long grind for me. I now have dizziness everyday, severe anxiety, difficulty walking, a sense of going out of my mind. Plus the symptoms I mentioned before and a whole list of others. There is good advice on this board. If Ticker reads your post she has a list of all the symptoms that Lyme disease can cause. I suggest reading it and checking off what you have and then find an LLMD in your area.

Good Luck

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