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Nick... I was in the same boat you are..I'm a 29 yr old female... I also am a police officer.. Back in April I started having similar symptoms.. Dizzy, lightheaded, shakes, anxiety and panic attacks for no reason and out of the blue, headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, low blood pressure, and low tempeture.. I had to stop working in april it wasnt safe for me to drive patrol.. I then saw 2 neurologists, 3 cardiologists, 3 ENTs, 2 Endo's, Infectious Disease Dr, Headache specialist, Spent a week in a "great hospital", And had 6 ER visits in 5 weeks, and had multiple trips to the "best" hospitals in NYC, spinal taps, every test you can imagine.. Everything was normal except I was testing positive for lyme on the ELISA test but when my Dr.s sent it out for the western blot.. It would come back negitive due to I didnt have enough bands for the CDC criteria.. Finally thanks to everyone on this board.. I made an appointment with a great LLMD in NYC.. I had my appointment last Wednesday.. He said I absolutley have Lyme and that it has already affected my Central Nervous System.. He started treating me aggressivley with antibiotics and soon I will be having a Picc Line inserted for a minimum of 12 weeks.. Everyone I saw told me I didnt have lyme and that I was having anxiety attacks.. Also that I must be stressed out being a police officer.. That was so fustrating being I love my job and the people I work with.. Yes, its a stressful job.. but far from causing my symptoms.. I love my job and cant wait to get back.. I have been feeling better each day on my new medicine.. Go to a good LLMD... tell him your story.. Hang in there and keep me posted..

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