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Well, I got my Quest test results back after treatment for babesiosis. My previous results showed me borderline for bartonella and positive for babesia, completely negative for Lyme (all bands nonreactive). I was treated with Mepron and Zithro for 3 weeks (which doesn't seem long enough after what I've read here) in May.

My new Quest results show bartonella negative, and babesia borderline (it said 120). I'm wondering if that means I will have to be treated for babesia again before I get Lyme treatment. I decided not to even bother with the ID doctor, as my LLMD appointment is next week now. I did get Igenex testing too, but I'm not sure if I will hear the results before I see her.

Now I'm worried that I'll test negative for Lyme from Igenex too. I hope she'll still treat me. I have all but four of the Burrascano diagnostic symptoms and I do have proof that I had a tick bite (because of the babesiosis/bartonella test results).


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