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[QUOTE=Erin524;3142144]They inferred that too when I saw the putzy ID docs. I'm only 38yrs old...I havent been showing any signs of be pre-menopausal.

Why is it that doctors (especially MALE doctors, and pretty much all men) always want to blame everything on hormones and female stuff??? It seems like anytime a woman is a bit...witchy, men always want to blame it on PMS and periods. I absolutely hate it when I'm in a bad mood and someone makes the comment "[I] must be [B]that time[/B] of the month...[/I] Especially when it's not even [B]that time [/B]of the month.[/QUOTE]

Hi Erin;

I can relate/understand your frustration. I've been sick with numerous illnesses for over forty years, and no one had ever even mentioned the possibility of Lyme Disease. Then just a few weeks ago my doctor's assistance asked me if I had ever considered the possibility that I might have Lyme Disease. She ordered the Western Blot tests for me, and the results of the IGM showed three +/Positives, and the following is what the IGG showed.

18 kDa +
22kDa -
**23-25 kDa IND
28 kDa -
30 kDa +
**31 kDa +
**31 kDa +
**34 kDa +
**39 kDa +
**41 kDa ++++
45 kDa +
58 kDa +
66 kDa +
73 kDa -
**83-93 kDa IND

To add confusion to confusion, my Dr. said he hasn't had much luck treating Lyme patients, and therefore he thinks there are a lot of false-positives, so he ordered another blood test to "confirm" the above blood test :confused: :confused:

I'm a total novice at this; but from what I've been told by a few fellow Lyme patients, and from what I've read on the internet, my test results (already) confirm the diagnosis of Lyme Disease. It appears that there is far more likelyhood of false-negatives than false-positives.

Fortunately, just recently my husband saw a program on TV with a Dr. Fein (I think that's how it's spelled). Anyway, after seeing that program, and seeing my test results, my husband said he is totally convinced that I have Lyme Disease. He said that we are in this together, and we will do whatever it takes to get me better. Hmm, maybe that's why we have been married nearly 28 years. :)

As to the "that time of the month" syndrome---from what I've been reading, some of us do/did sort of have that time of the month all month long---cuz the Lyme Disease messes with our hormones. I experienced varrying degrees of all month long PMS for years--until I totally changed my diet in my mid thirties.

The diet change stopped the major PMS symptoms; but even now that I actually am post-menopausal, my GYN can't get my hormones straightened out. Who knows, (Maybe) after I get started on the Lyme Disease protocol they will eventually straighten out on their own.


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