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Hi Guys;

I had posted the following in another thread.

18 kDa +
22kDa -
**23-25 kDa IND
28 kDa -
30 kDa +
**31 kDa +
**31 kDa +
**34 kDa +
**39 kDa +
**41 kDa ++++
45 kDa +
58 kDa +
66 kDa +
73 kDa -
**83-93 kDa IND

To add confusion to confusion, my Dr. said he hasn't had much luck treating Lyme patients, and therefore he thinks there are a lot of false-positives, so he ordered another blood test to "confirm" the above blood test. ??

My doctors' assistant gave me the name and number of a specialist to call and make an appointment with. Since my appointment with the specialist my doctor referred me to is on Monday, I emailed my doctors' assistant yesterday afternoon to see if she had heard if the results for this "confirmation" test had come in yet.

The following is a note I just received from my doctors' assistant. I have left out full names, in case we aren't supposed to list them.

Ava, I didn't think to write you, because I (naively, apparently!) assumed that somebody at the office had already communicated with you. As it turns out, according to our nurse-A the lab cannot test for the 30-31 bands on a blood sample unless it is the same sample that they used to test the original IgM and/or IgG. Geez! Nice to have this communicated after the fact! Anyway, we would have to have the IgG and IgM repeated, and then they save that blood sample for 3 months, in case, based on the first results, we wish to then order the 30-31 bands testing (total for all four tests is $380!).

I think the best thing would be to call our nurse-A (she's off on Mondays) and ask her to have Dr. C. review your original tests and see if he recommends re-testing the IgG and IgM. I think he may have told me, during a long and winding conversation on this whole subject of the testing, what he recommends in your case, but without my notes on your chart, I am not remembering what it was. I hope I took decent notes! I remember my head was spinning from how complicated it all was. So sorry this has turned into something so complicated. At present, the lab is holding your blood sample and not able to perform the band tests ordered. Will try to help you through this next week.

ME AGAIN--Ok, is there any possibility that someone can (Please) unravel this for me?? Haven't the "30-31 bands" already been tested for in my above test?? or do we normally have to wait three months, and have another test taken from the same blood as the first test in order to get "30-31 bands" tested????

I'm sorry to be such a dufus; but this is all Greek to me. Please Help!!


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