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I was reading about this subject and wondering this. Antibiotics cause yeast overgrowths in the body. Along with these yeast infections you can get a lot of symptoms. Here is what I found. Sounds like it may answer a few of your questions.

General Symptoms
Fatigue and a sense of being "ill" and "drained" are the dominant symptoms. These are often accompanied by irritability, difficulty in concentration, slow mentally , in coordination, and vague feelings of being "spaced-out." Excessive lethargy may lead to a sense of drowsiness.

Musculoskeletal Symptoms
Vague muscle aches, muscular weakness, pain with or without swelling in multiple joints, and tightness in chest wall.

Gastrointestinal Symptoms
Abdominal cramps, bloating, excessive belching, abdominal distention, constipation with bouts of diarrhea, excessive mucus in stool and rectal itching. (when I bloat I have trouble urinating too, a constant feeling of pressure with out any relief. IE.. can't go even when I feel I have to.)

Ear, Nose, and Eye Symptoms
Sore throat or scratchiness in throat, dry mouth, white coating on tongue and in other areas of mouth (thrush), bad breath, nasal itching, congestion and drip, recurrent sore throats, recurrent episodes of cough or bronchitis, recurrent infections or fluid in the ears, itchiness, burning or tears in eyes, and difficulty with hearing.

Genitourinary Symptoms
Frequent episodes of bladder infection, urinary urgency and frequency, burning on urination, frequent episodes of virginities, vaginal discharge or itching.

I thought it was worth posting this information. Sounds like a yeast factor in the previous posts.

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