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I had:

fevers( comes and goes)


hair loss

Numbness and tingling in hands and feet

extreme tightness around neck and throat ( hard to swallow)

joint and muscle aches,

Blurred Vision

sore on tongue,

Tongue is white

sleep for 14-20 hours a day,

coordination issues,

speech slurring,

memory issues,

word retrieval issues

Extreme dehydration

Pain in knee joint

low urine output ( my stomach was very bloated)

extreme vertigo,


I didn't vomit nor do I have a bulleye bite....

Yet I know that ticks are very common in where I live Japan...

I am usually very hyperactive, and now my personality is very much like an introvert because everything seems so slow.... Even the way I speak.

I stayed in bed for 8 weeks, and could not move.

The other day it stopped like it never happened!

I am still weak, lightheaded ( the vertigo is much better) and cannot walk long distances like I did before this....

I finally found a doctor that said my Complementary "C4" was low, yet all the Antibody tests was fine... My MCV was also high, with a high Lymphocyte... Doctor still doesn't know what it is...

He thought I had vasculitis or Sjorgen, yet all my other test came back normal he cannot give me a diagnosis..

I reading all of your post, I wonder because of the fever ( on and off) and the rashes, and sore on the tongue, that its viral...

Because I live in Japan, i cannot find a doctor that specializes in Lyme Disease...

I cannot afford to go through another episode of this....It was a very scary experience! I could have lost my job!!!!

What should I do???

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