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Re: Herxing Rash?
Aug 13, 2007
Hi Rachel38. :wave:

I also had rashes appear where there were none before.

I had a red-ish oval rash on my right shin. It was little red bumps, similiar to poison ivy, but it wouldn't spread. It just stayed in that oval shape.

Oh the itching!!! Drove me crazy. I stopped wearing skirts at work so I could wear trousers and scratch it under the conference room table.

When I scratched them, they would not bleed. They formed sort of scabs that just crusted over (gross I know.. sorry).

It came and went for about, oh, maybe a year? Of course I ignored it. I was a single mom, new home, career, business trips, etc. I saw a few doctors but not one of them thought to test me for Lyme.

Long story short - I saw 9 doctors while my health grew worse and worse. Thank God I found an LLMD who began treatment.

When I started antibiotics, my itchy rash came and went pretty regularly. That made me feel better since it was proof that the medicine was working.

Then ... I found another rash that I had never seen before, it was a bulls-eye rash behind my left ankle. I was quite startled. I had 2 bites??

Also, since I began treatment, there are other rashes that come and go.

It's unsettling for me to see spots and rashes come and go all over my body, but I try to remember that it means the medicine is killing those darned bugs!

Feel free to ask any questions here or just vent or complain or anything. We're open 24/7. :)

Herx's can be scary - hang in there Ok?

Peace and health to you,

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