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My son talks on-line to other kids around the US, and was talking to a boy from Potomac MD Sunday, the kid said he had a bite on his arm. My son started telling the kid about Lyme Disease and describing what the bull's eye rash looks like, the kid said that his looked like that. My son told him he needed to have his parents look at it and take him to the doctor right away. Once the kids dad inspected the bite, he found a tick attached in the center, he took the tick out and took the boy to the doctor. And luckily the doctor put him on doxy right away. I don't know who this doctor is, but kudos to him. I am so glad that there are doc's out there who know what they are doing. I do not have all the details on which tests they ran, propbably the Elisa, and I told my son to tell the kid that it will probably come back neg. because he has only had the bite for 3 days. Unfortunately, like other on-line chats, specific personal info is not exchanged, so I am just hoping that the doctors quick response nipped this one in the bud. I told my son to tell him that if he started feeling bad after his ABX's are done he needs to go back to the doctor. I wish that there had been someone 6 years ago when my son contracted Lyme that could have saved him from becoming Chronic. Who would have thought that a teenage boy would know enough about Lyme to save another from going through hell. Most doctors don't even know this much!!! Sarah

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