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Hi Stan - I had an odd feeling in the second week of having my PICC line in (left arm). It was a sore sensation in my left foreaarm. The nurses in charge of changing my dressing said it was nothing. Four days later it was worse and they told me to go to the emergency room. Turns out I had blood clots in my arm. They switched it to my right arm. I just had it taken out yesterday after almost 2 months. I had to take Coumadin because of the clots and my INR (blood) levels were all over the place. 6.1 at one point (and they are supposed to be in the 2-3 range). A very dangerous level (and I hadn't even taken it in over a week when it was drawn!). So, the line was taken out.

I still feel crappy. Don't know what to do next. I also got a letter from my old LLMD saying he is shutting down the practice in October to spend more time with his family. Geez, MA is a Lyme hot spot and there is no one for us to go see?!?!? Talk about discouraging (and I didn't think I could get more discouraged....)

Take care and God bless all,


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