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Picc line questions
Aug 15, 2007
Hi everyone, I have a question about my picc line. I'm in my third week and starting to have a funny feeling in the arm. My pick is in my left arm. When I stretch, or now lift my arm 3/4 of the way up, I have to stop. I feel a pulling sensation or an irritation pain. It's kind of hard to explain. Like the picc line is to short and not allowing my arm to do certain movements. I feel this weird feeling in the underneath part of the arm. Or armpit area. I get a few stabbing sensations here and there in the arm also. This line was put in under fluoroscopy (xray), I assume it was done correctly. I just worry about a blood clot forming. Anybody ever have this feeling or can explain what a blood clot would feel like?
Thank's Tony64 and Ticker,
I called the hospital where it was put in and they want to look at it tomorrow. The nurse dosen't think it is a blood clot because she said I should have a constant throbbing pain. Also I can infuse with no problem. I only feel the weird pain sensation when I lift my arm past the half way point. The Picc is 49 cm or around 19 1/2 inches long. The nurse said this is plenty long enough, but it could be affecting a nerve in some way. So will see tomorrow and I'll let you know.

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