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hi j.

my frst symptom was in incredibly itchy rash on my right shin. the itching drove me crazy!

I would wear pants to work do i could scratch and no one could see.

When I am Herx'ing, the rash comes back and itches again. i also tried every antiitch product know and nothing works.

If your itching is coming at regular intervals, which may be a very good sign that your killing the stupid bacertia.

in addition, about 12 weeks into Levaquin, i saw a brand new rash - a bulls-eye rashm behing my left ankle.

When i scrathed, the bumps (which looked almost exactly to poison ivy) they would not bleed and then they formed scabs which of course, I would scratch off and still no blood.

my irtchy rask comes and goes also. It can be so rappin' frustrating to exibit such sympromsm, I keep a keeo a a weekly diay of just lyme symptom and i try to keep it up to date.

Peace and health to you,

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