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Aug 16, 2007
Hi Guys;

You recall in the other thread I said that Dr. C. was going to have a "confirmation" test done. I called Igenex to find out first hand what this means. They said when a blood sample is sent to them, they keep that sample for three months, and during that three months if the Dr. wants to order more tests on that sample, they can do so..

Apparently, this is what my Primary Dr. C. ultimately did. So today I received the following note from Dr.Cs assistant J..


Further news... your test came back negative. Dr. C and Dr. V and I discussed it in depth yesterday. From all the analysis of the various bands and whether they were positive or negative (on both your original tests), Dr. C. believes it's likely that the original positive result was due to cross-reactivity with viruses. This is the main reason for false positives. He is pretty convinced you do not have Lyme. Whew! He is still supportive of the idea of you going to Dr. A.

However, thinking back to how good you felt after going on Tinnidazole, it could be that the ameba hystolitica was the real problem. Dr. C. wants to have you re-test on that. I left a kit and note for the receptionist last night to please complete the requisition info and leave that kit for you at the front desk. It is saliva only this time, not stool, since the test is for antibodies to the ameba. If it comes back positive, that means we didn't get it, and we would put you back on a regimen of Tinnidazole and perhaps something else to see if we can finally eradicate it. Probably would use some psyllium or other soluble fiber, too, to get the med to go deeper into the folds of the bowel lining.

Take care--We are closer than we've ever been, even though we don't know for sure which organisms or organisms are the root problem.
Take care,

ME AGAIN---This sort of threw me for a loop. How accurate are the Lyme Tests? They used the exact (Same) blood, and came up with two different results. or is there more to this story than what I'm seeing at this stage. I called Igenex, and they had me leave a message for a call-back from a Dr. S. or a Dr. H. In the meantime, I thought I would run this past you guys, to see what you think.

Oh, and I called the specialist (Dr.A) whom Dr. C. had referred me to before the "confirmation" test came back, and Dr. A. said it doesn't matter what this "confirmation" test says, according to the first IGG test, and my symptoms, I am definitely Positive..

Soooo, if I want to be treated for Lyme Disease, it looks like I might have to change doctors. Orriginally, Dr. C. was going to continue being my Primary, and Dr. A. was going to make reccommendations; but I'm not comfortable having two doctors with differeing diagnosis's.

Here is the starting protocol given to me by the specialist. He said he treats 5 to 7 Lyme patients per day. He wants to see me in one month to go over my (Many) blood tests.

Tinidazole--start with 1 capsule once a day, and work up to 2 capsules 2X a day.

Cortef--for the Adrenal Insufficiency. He muscle tested me as allergic to it; but then he said he cleared it??

Cholestyramine Powder---Start it really slow.

Glutathione---start with 1cc IV (I need to find out how often)

Coloidal Silver--2 to 4 ounces per day

Alliultra---Start with 1 drop (or less) per day, and work up to 12 drops per day. I am to order this online.

Thyme w/Thymol; Clove; Mountain Savory; Oregano

Lauricidin---Start with 1/4 tsp. and work up to 1 tsp. 1 to 3 times per day.

Lugol Iodine--I think this if for my Hashimotos/Hypothyroidism.

Dr. A would like me to see this guy in Spokane who does Rolfing. According to the internet, a "Rolfer" is someone who does soft tissue work. I already see H. who does soft tissue work--I will ask H. if this is the same thing. If it is, it's definitely helpful.

Dr. A would also like me to see someone who does the Jaffe-Mellor Technique---or Neuramodulation Technique. I don't have a clue what this is.
He would also like me to see a (Homeopath) named R. F. in Reno at least once.

He wants to get my allergies cleared up--which would help immensely if I'm going to tolerate all of this stuff he wants me to take. I'm allergic to (So) much stuff. Somewhere in the midst of all of this he mentioned a way to clear up the allergies---I kind of forgot that part, and will have to ask him again when I see him next month. I have to go in person one more time, and then I can do phone consults.

Dr. A. also reccommeded 4 books he would like me to get. One is on Cortisol, one on Mold, one on Adrenals, and one on Matrix Entergetics--I don't have a clue what that is.

Dr. A. also wants me to get an EMF Cellsensor Meter, a Stetzrelectric Meter, and an Infrared Sauna

I had a Whole (Bunch) of blood tests done, along with a urine specimen. He is also having me do a separate blood test to try to determine how much of this is familial. He also wants me to do saliva and hair tests.

He wants me to have a liver panel done once a month--ALT, AST, & GGT

I am also to continue all meds and supplements that I'm already on from Dr. C.

Does this sound at all like the kind of doctor I need to see for Lyme Disease??

I'm sorry this is so long--does relating these things get easier, and take less time as we go??

Thank You;

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