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I became sick in Mid/Early October 2003. I have a medical background and ironicaly have a bachelor's degree in medical techology (BSMT), which means I do lab blood,etc testing in a hospital type environment for a living. All of my knowledge and the resources I have had in front of me have been mostly useless in trying to figure this thing out. My brain feels a bit crisper today than some other days so I will make an attempt to list symptoms I have or have had in the past almost four years and also would like to ask you guys some questions. I have thought of almost everything else in the world that could be wrong with me and over the past several months I have whittled it down to CFS, MS, Celiac Disease, Lyme Disease, Hypochondria or Psychosis.

Early Symptoms:
I don't recall a tick bite, but spent a weekend about 2 weeks prior to symptom onset where a tick bite definitely could have occurred--A three day music festival at a park located next to a river in a deer infested town called Austin, TX. Most of time was sitting on grass, blankets, lawn chairs ect. Again, I remember no tick bites but I do remember drinking a bunch.

About two to three weeks after this I was a bit ran down and I had this pain in my left arm like I have never felt before in my life. If I straightened my arm completely out and bent my palm upwards the pain I would feel must have been similiar to being hit by a bolt of lightning. This lasted about three days. I remember thinking if it lasted a couple more days I would go to a doctor. And I never went to doctor's back in those days. Somewhere along this time I got a flu shot from the employee health nurse when she came to the lab where I work. I remember getting the flu shot in my right arm because my left arm I didn't want anybody touching because of reasons mentioned above. That was a friday.

Monday, three days later (The left arm pain had stopped) I was riding a mountain bike across town to a friends to get some exercise (about 7 miles both ways). When I got to friends house my nose felt like it was on fire right at the top. I had to put a towel over it because it hurt so bad when I would breathe through my nose. Went home. Next day scratchy throat, then sore throat, sweaty. Days later still sore throat, body aches, dry cough. Days later night sweats, wet cough, pain or soreness between shoulder blades and at place in back of head where neck joins.

By January this acute-type illness seemed to have left (except for extreme fatigue and a few other things) but all kinds of weird things where left in the wake. Terrible, I mean terrible nasal congestion, tiny white mouth ulcers 4-5 at time (doctor called them apthous) on tongue, cheeks, palate sometimes. On and off sore throat, strange waxy coating on my tongue, change in taste, irritated by smells, slightly swollen lymph nodes on one side and back of neck.

It was also around this time or maybe a couple of months later that this incredible "out of it" feeling I started noticing, although I think it actually began sooner. Loss of words in mid-sentence, organizing simple things impossible, my job that I used to be able to practically do in my sleep (I used to be smart!) was now incredibly challenging and stressfull. Fatigue and more fatigue. Sometimes I would sleep an entire day on my day off. Concentration, following instructions, learning new things were damn near impossible.

OK, this is getting long so I will just list symptoms---sorry guys!

1. Tingling down the center of face around nose, mouth, eyes
2. Headaches in back of head near neck
3. Fatigue
4. Still sometimes mouth ulcers (never had before this started)
5. Burning tip of tongue---rarely now
6, Burning fingers sometimes on both hands on middle, ring and pinky
7. Aching long bones for short intervals like a couple of minutes and
then comes back and then goes away again and changes places
like from like left thigh and then later its the right ankle or the shoulder
8. Low body temperature 97.0 every single damn time--used to be right
on the text book normal 98.6 before this---I'm sure of it!
9. Splotchy arms slightly mottled appearance on backs of arms red and
barely noticable, but enough for a couple of people to comment. Didn't
used to be there either.
10. Sometimes I have to blink a few times to focus my eyes particulary if
I am reading. Slight halo effects around lights at night.
11. Slight dizziness in mornings when I get up for work--might have to sit
down on edge of tub for a minute to get my crap together.
12. WBC constantly fluctuates between 7.0 (normal) to 11.0 (slightly high)
13. Somtimes when I walk, one leg feels like weird like it is prosthetic or
something (I know this sounds crazy and doesn't happen that often)
14. Was weekend beer drinker before and finally quit completely because I would
get massive, massive hangovers because of 4-5 beers. Headaches for
two days unlike any I have had before, fatigue, anxiety. Wasn't worth
15. Started six months ago---high pitched ringing in both ears--left is
slightly louder. Ringing has stopped maybe 3 times in six months. ENT
says no fluid or ear infection---also says high frequency hearing loss in both--- this symptom drives me most INSANE.
16. CRAWLING sensations on back and top of scalp.
17. Dry mouth/ constant thirst----not diabetic

18. Conjunctivitis/ Dry Eyes
19. Sometimes skin feels sore/raw feeling all over
20. Recently, my skin complexion has returned to that of my teenage
21. Lost sense of smell temporarily 6 months ago at same time ears started
ringing---thought was sinus infection--took 10 days of 4000mg
Augmentin XR. 95% of smell came back eventually. Somehow wound up with permanent red spot between eyebrows after this!
22. Depression that does not really do much with antidepressants
23. anxiety, dislike of crowds, loud noises, commotion
25. small red spots that pop up for like 10 minutes and itch a bit and then
disappear, abdomen arms, thighs
26. A couple of years ago, my entire forehead turned into a rash that
slowly went away after 3-4 days.
27. Last year rash from groin to halfway down thighs--thought was jock
took anti-fungal (maybe flagyl perhaps diflucan cant remember) after
4 days felt like death quit taking. Rash resolve in about a week after
28. Allergies---never had a problem before, started allergy shots 3 weeks
29. For about the first two years I would have this dull pain righ round
where the diapraghm muscle is and this sensation of shortness of
breath when standing even though docs would assure me this was
impossible because my pulse ox was 98 or something.

Anyway, fast foward to today mid-2007---still have fatigue, brain fog is better most days, achy some days, some days want to stay in bed, tingling still sometimes. During the past two years I have been on various short course antibiotics for a few things including bactrim 3 times, Augmentin twice, dox once but it made me feel weird so I still have most the bottle.

So, If you have taken the time to read all of this and may God bless you if you have, I ask you could this at all be lyme disease???? Also, Is lyme disease really that possible in Texas? Thanks in advance for any help.

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