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Hey guys,

Thanks for the good info. Takes me awhile sometimes to get back to things.
I've been thinking about this lyme deal for a few weeks now. studying, analyzing, (i'm sure you guys know what i'm talking about). As many symptoms as there are that seem similiar (sometimes freightenly so), I presently would estimate my odds actually having this disease (getting a positive test at least) at about 1:50. Thats ok, though, two months ago I would have said odds were one in a million.
Someone earlier posted about co-infections and mentioned a couple of herpes viruses (I believe EBV and CMV). Infectious D. Dr I saw in early 2004 ordered some tests and I got a positive CMV by PCR---500,000 viral copies per mL of my blood! A bunch of other tests were ordered too with nothing reallly relevant showing that I can still know, the usual stuff. The strange thing was that I was positive for CMV by PCR (meaning according to this test---I had a current, active, CMV infection) but my CMV antibodies IGG and IGM were negative (abs repeated 2 years later and negative). I had been symptomatic for plenty of time for my immune system to produce antibodies to this virus. I have always doubted this PCR result because the symptoms I have do not match CMV (that is, unless I have AIDS or organ transplant---which, luckily, I have had neither). Nonetheless, infectious disease doc put me on a medication for 1 month called VALCYTE, which is nothing more the ganciclyovir that is jazzed up to stay in your system longer and carries a price tag of about 4000 dollars for 30 pills. Since, I felt so sh**ty, I took the pills for a month. The did SQUAT for me.
And this stupid CMV lab result did nothing more than put off me seeking some sort of other medical help for at least 1.5 years, thinking that is what I had and that I would 'slowly' get better. CMV is a MILD infection, almost everyone has it and it is nothing unless your system is wacked out by Aids, chemo, steriods ect. Personally, I think the lab running my tests dropped the ball.
Enough about that. I have a test currently sent out for a Lymes AB, IGG & IGM (probably ELISA--methodology was not listed) and then I got somebody to 'accidentally' order BB IGG and IGM by WB to a reference lab in central TX because my physician only wrote 'lyme panel' on the order, which at my lab, lymes panel only means IGG and IGM antibody, which I've also read is about 70% worthless. I hope I don't get fired over that deal. We do not do this testing at the lab I am employed at since test is rarely ordered and the WB method is very specialized. Very strange thing it is doing what I do for a living and having the symptoms that I have had these past few years and not being able to figure anything out. Frustrating more than strange, though. Frustrating is an understatement.

Finally, I DO have an IGENEX REQ and test kit that I received in the mail monday up in my closet, thanks to information I"ve received simply by reading posts from people on this board. I will consider dropping the 200 bucks to at least get the two WB's done by IGENEX, depending on what I see from the other WB's I shoud have coming back from this other ref lab.

That's all I have time for now--and Ticker I do have some strange things to about some things that happened on a couple of abx. I will try to post some of that next time.

Once again, thanks for the help guys.

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